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College should not be free. I personally don't think that college should be free. Students who pay for their college are more motivated, hard working and independent. Many students would have poor motivation to finish school, because they can always come back. As a matter of fact students with ambitions to get university degree are learning much harder in high school than other, who thinks they don’t need an extra paper. There are many students that are so smart, and they will find the way to get money for school. With extra work and help from family students will be able to afford college tuitions. Students need to depend on themselves; otherwise every taxpayer will have to cover their education expenses. There are several reasons why …show more content…
For instance, financial aid forms, part time job, and assistantship program. There are many financial aid forms, like grants and loans, available which will help students afford college. Besides assistance from government students should look for eventual employment. Many students work either part or full time, while they are taking college classes, so that they are able to cover their tuitions, books and other fees. In addition to occupation students can look for help from colleges as well. Universities offer assistantships program, as a way to gain employee, in return offer significant financial help and tuition waiver. In general, college should not be free, because students might be unmotivated, lazy or unconcerned about their education. Having to work while going to school can be hard, but it can also teach students the value of a hard day’s work. As a matter of fact, college is a personal choice, not a requirement, and for the most part nobody is forced to attend third level of education. Those students who decide to go are well educated, they think in front about their future and their parents prepared them as much as they could. Students entering professions such medicine will be certainly able to repay their loans after graduation in truth, students may have some difficulty in few years as far as loans, but it’s obviously that with expected income in future there will be no problem to pay loans back. Students need to find a program or degree

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