College Should Provide the Tools Needed to Live in our World

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College Should Provide the Tools Needed to Live in our World

Every year, hundreds of thousand of high school students go to a place of higher learning, be it a community college or a high standing world-renowned University. To get accepted to these places of higher learning, students must write essays about topics, have high grades in high school, have participated in extra curricular activities at school and other things as well. These students expect to get something from these great institutions, and that is why they try so hard to get into the very best universities.

After attending a college or university, its graduates will be able to think and express themselves clearly, and learn not only a skill, but also about humanities
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Therefore, an educated person has more than just the ability to make clear judgments regarding important issues, but, like Newman has said, will be able to take their idea and show others why they have such an opinion.

An educated person with a degree will be prepared to fill any post with credit, and to master any subject with facility (49). In life, one will need a way to support themselves, so one will have an occupation as a means to support themselves. For the employee to do their job correctly, they will need to learn how perform their tasks correctly. As Newman has stated, an educated person will be able to bring credibility to their position in the workplace because they have had an education, and have a degree. The educated person will be able to think clearly and quickly understand, and analyze the tasks that need to be completed. Also, they will be able to learn new skills to perform their tasks with ease because the educated person has learned study skills which helped them to grasp concepts more quickly and easily. Having a formal education gives one the advantage to have clear and thoughtful insight to the point that they could argue for the reasons for their opinions, as well as have a degree which shows that they have the right skills
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