College Soccer Experience

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Approximately four years ago, twelve of us accepted a position on team that none of us, not only knew anything about, but also did not expect much from. We were twelve individuals that were seeking a college soccer experience at the division I level and if you ask any of those girls back then, none of them could have predicted the reality of the four years that we would ultimately spend here. This team had experienced heartbreak in freshman year on many levels, battled through the pain of losing in the semi-finals of sophomore year, and again losing in the finals last year. To be a part of this program is unlike any experience I’ve had before. There is always a supportive and positive environment; there is always progress being made every…show more content…
I felt that this was the game in which our team found our groove and finally connected together for an entire ninety minutes. From then on we took each game one step at a time and considered our opponents one at a time, and in doing so, focusing on the smaller goals allowed us to achieve our greatest goals. This season is the first time in program history that women’s soccer at Fairleigh Dickinson has gone undefeated. Not only that, but it is the first time FDU has won the women’s soccer title in the NEC tournament and therefore, it is our first birth into the NCAA tournament. Having all of these accomplishments all happen in senior year makes these moments even more special, and looking back on it now, having the hardships of our past is what prepared us for greatness this…show more content…
Over the past three years we have acquired many top players that have allowed our team to develop the skill and force we need to take down top teams. These girls have many unique qualities and skills that have allowed us to excel to another level that we could not achieve alone. Not only that, but the coaching staff, the strength and conditioning development staff, trainers, and athletic department have been working so hard for us all year and have provided us the resources, and means to be great. However, I stand by the argument that a major source of success this season came from the senior class. Every single one of the seniors has made a major contribution to this team on and off the field and I believe they are in the spirit and the heart of this group that stood as the foundation for the success of the
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