College Sociology : The American Family

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Leigha Terry
College Sociology
The American Family Today, family still remains alive and well. Although many forces have attempted to change the American family, it has managed to prevail and preserve the basic values and principles it was first found upon. What Americans need to realize is that what works for a family in one economic and cultural setting doesn’t work for a family in another. This study is relevant because most people don’t understand that families are just doing what they have to do to survive the new ways of society.
Some of the problems families have had to face are violence and divorce. The structure of family has also undergone some changes. Two-career families, single-parent families, and blended families are on the rise while nuclear families are starting to become rare. Most people think that these forces have had only negative effects on the American family, but in reality, many positive things have come from these changes and problems.
Before the industrialization of the U.S., the family usually consisted of a husband, wife, and children, with no other relatives, defined as a nuclear family or a conjugal family. The family consisted of only these members for a number of reasons. For one, during that time few people lived long enough to form an extended family. Nuclear families were also popular because of impartible inheritance practices. Inheritance practices were those of which only allowed one heir to inherit all the property. On…
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