College Sororities: Rebuttal of Evan Wright’s Article, Sister Act

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College Sororities: Rebuttal of Evan Wright’s Article, Sister Act

Walking around a university’s campus any day of the week, one sees an array of Greek letters worn proudly by young men and women in the Greek system. Fraternities and sororities play a big part in a university. The Greek system can also be an easy target to direct criticism. There are those who oppose the Greek system and those who embrace it. Evan Wright opposes the Greek system in his article “Sister Act” that was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. He uses examples from students at Ohio State University in Columbus to show his disapproval of the way sororities are now days. He portrays sorority girls as catty conformists who are obsessed with partying with fraternity
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In 1994, by the definition, 40 percent of college students reported drinking at least once within 2 weeks of being surveyed” (Shalala). Also, they claimed that “an overwhelming majority or college students (88 percent), including those under the drinking age, have used alcohol” (Shalala). This statistic of 88 percent cannot be all Greek members and the Greek members may not makeup even half of this percentage; therefore, college students in general party and drink, not just the Greek system as Wright wants his audience to believe.
Wright’s claim that sorority girls are rich, beautiful white girls that match in dress is faulty because he fails to look at the policies of Greek systems and the dress of other college girls.

Some people say that the Greek system is a sort of apartheid, enabling children from predominately white, upper-middle-class enclaves to safely attend a messily diverse university such as OSU without having to mix with those who are different. (553-554)
But, the University of Massachusetts’ website states that, “All of the Fraternities and Sororities are open to ANYONE, no matter their background.” This means there is no racial or class discrimination. Having cultural diversity is a benefit to Greek Life. The University of Buffalo’s website states an anti-discrimination policy claiming that, “The Inter-Greek Council, the Inter Fraternity
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