College Sports Are Today 's World

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College sports are everywhere in today’s world. Turn on ESPN and you will be surrounded hearing about Jay Bilas’ final four predictions or possibly Jon Gruden’s Heisman candidates. College sports have turned into a multi-billion dollar industry with consistent growth. Despite of the fast growing business, the NCAA remains non-profit and labels the players “student-athletes” to mark them amateur. With this label, athletes are recognized as student first and athlete second. Scholastics are supposed to be prioritized over athletics, however with the growing industry the lines are being blurred. The NCAA is considered to be an amateur league, however, groups of people are pushing for players to become paid due to the high revenue. While one side of this debate believes that athletes should be compensated due to the video games and multi-million dollar broadcasting deals directed towards football and basketball, while the other side believes that receiving a free education is in a way getting paid and should not be getting compensated for anything more. Therefore, with the constant debate, students should be allowed some of the revenue because their talents are a large reason for the success of the industry; as well the NCAA should look to link sharing revenues with academic success, for this will create the best possible system. A possible first step towards this progress is the O’Bannon case where student athletes participating in NCAA Division One football and…
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