College Sports - Football Scholarships and Woman's Sports Essay

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Football Scholarships and Woman's Sports Saturdays in the fall bring together millions of people to celebrate college football, a ritual that bonds the community in stadiums and in living rooms across America. This American sport takes a heavy financial toll in colleges everywhere. Just one in four colleges across America make money on their football team (mostly large division I schools). College teams spend millions of dollars stockpiling athletes and struggle to keep pace with rivals. With college football teams soaking up most of the money for transportation, uniforms, and football equipment, the women's teams are having to deal with cut scholarships and women's sporting events. That money drain is at the heart of debate…show more content…
"The ratio of the guys getting scholarships is just a bunch of crap," says Necia Bunnell, a sophomore basketball player for Dixie college. Necia was really disgusted after comparing the men and women's cash scholarships awarded at Dixie during 1997-98. At some colleges, women are so hungry to play they organize club teams in sports their schools don't offer, but they don't get coaching or scholarships. "I would love to have been able to [get a scholarship], but that wasn't available at the school," says Maghann Vitt, a sophomore at East Carolina. Because of the lack of scholarship money, it causes athletic people like Maghann Vitt to not get a full ride scholarship. Colleges spend three times more money recruiting men than women, and twice as much running men's teams than women's teams. The coaches of the men's football teams are paid an average of 40 percent more than coaches of any other sport. Lenoir Rhyne coached 82 football players. He spent $683,000 on the 1997 football season, but with only $82,600 in the football revenue, the school lost $600,400 overall. "I hear from my friends who play football, they have two people to a room, and get a great steak dinner," says team member Jodi Chrystal, a junior from Charlotte. She goes on to say "We stop at Wendy's and have a $5 limit." Cutting football expenses is the best way

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