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Pay Up

The world of sports has grown larger than life over the past century, especially in college. Being a collegiate athlete is, without question, the hardest athletic profession in the world. Not only are students devoted to their sport, which requires an obscene amount of time of preparation, but they are also devoted to their school work. And the award they receive for their hard work? Of course there are the great memories, friendships made, “free education”, or national championships, but are theses students receiving their fair share? Should college athletes be paid? It is a question that has been asked, but never truly answered. College athletes should be paid for their work. I even have the perfect system to see
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The only day off is Sunday. This seems a little far fetched for being college students. Oh, I forgot to mention the pay; $0. Student-athletes have a more demanding job, mentally and physically, yet they have little to show for it.

This isn’t an argument that proposes colligate athletes should be paid just because they work hard. The reasoning extends far beyond their work ethics. First of all, colligate athletics is a billion dollar industry. On average, 44,367 fans attend a college football game. Imagine that a university such as Ohio State holds 7 games at Ohio Stadium as it did in 2003. 105.000+ fans can occupy Ohio Stadium at one time. At the least, one may find a ticket for $50, if they are lucky. During one Ohio State football game, at least $5.25 million will be made. This is just one source of revenue the university receives. Not to mention, merchandise, concessions, and BSC appearances. All are major contributors to the lucrative business of college athletics.

From the millions of dollars generated from ticket sales to the millions of dollars generated from major tournament bids, colligate athletes don’t receive any of this money, which is ironic considering the fact that they are the reason that most of this money is being made. Why shouldn’t they be rewarded with a share of the billion dollar a year industry that they are so much a part of? Why

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