College Student Against Free Tuition

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Yes, I’m a College Student Against Free Tuition
Everyone has to take classes that they never want to attend. Whether you dread it because you hate the subject or it is one of those dreaded 8am’s. When debating on whether or not to go everyone has had that friend that will tell you that you should go because you’re paying to take the class. This is a huge motivator for us. That broke college student stereotype is all to real and it really can be a great driver. But, what if tuition disappeared? Then why would anyone care if we skipped class? When I asked students that were walking to class at Oregon State University if they would still go to class if they knew they could take it again for free at any point, 85% of them said they would ditch the class. This number shows just how much motivation college students derive from the monetary value of their education. So much of the professor’s time and the university’s resources would be squandered due to those students who would be enrolled but not actually care at all.
They counter to this argument is just as valid though. The reason so many people are pushing for free college in the United States is that they want more opportunity and in our country a college degree is becoming more essential to be get a substantial career. According to to Katharina Feidler of the Pultzer Prize winning website Polifact, it’s a mere 30% of Americans that have a college degree. I am not saying that this number is acceptable by any…

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