College Student And Mental Health

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Merritt Voit
Dr. Nystrom
ENGL 1301 – 06 S
26 November 2016
College Student and Mental Health
Getting ready to transition into the college lifestyle was something I was both nervous and excited for. The thought of a new school, teachers, friends, and living arrangements all gave me the satisfaction of feeling like a true adult. Knowing that I would finally be the one making decisions for myself and managing my own time seemed like the perfect end to all of the years of being told what to do and where to be. The time finally came and I started my first year of college like any excited freshman, not just thinking but knowing I had it all figured out. Everything seemed to be going well until I found myself frozen at the thought of going to eat lunch in the dining hall. Walking to the dining hall meant the possibility of seeing people I knew or it being overcrowded, but I could not figure out why that was all of the sudden so terrifying to me. After that moment I came to the conclusion that many parts of my daily routine caused me massive amounts of anxiety, something I had never experienced before. The only thing that kept me from believing there was something wrong with me was knowing that I was not the only one.
Academic rigor, expectations, changes in everyday routine, and social interactions are all factors that play into a college students mental health. According to a study conducted by the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute, emotional and mental health decline have
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