College Student Perceived Stress: Athlete vs. Non-Athlete

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College Student Perceived Stress: Athlete vs. Non-Athlete Langeda Bontemps Longwood University Author Note Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Langeda Bontemps, Department of Psychology, Longwood University, Farmville, VA 23909. Email: \ Abstract According to research college athletes are viewed of having two different roles, one as a student and one as an athlete (Settles, Sellers, & Damas, 2002), Research has shown that college student athletes endure multiple complications throughout their college life. This specific study is looking at the amount of stress student athletes experience by comparing the average amount of stress they deal with to college…show more content…
So basically student athletes experience a high level of stress when they try to balance both roles together. Separating their roles, help them avoid the negative consequence and also there will be a clear boundary that helps the individual accommodate the role task (Settles & Sellers, 2002). Settles and Sellers (2002) also believe that separation of roles allows the student athlete to focus on role task at a time allowing them to excel at each role. Student athletes have to deal with a lot being a college athlete and representing their university. Kihl, Richardson and Campisi (2008) argues that athletes encounter multiple of corruptions that they had no part of but suffers greatly for it. Consequences that these athletes may encounter can be lost of scholarship, probation, or loss of revenue. Athletes also have to deal with their will for perfectionism which tends to set high standards for themselves which eventually burns them out (Chen, Chen, Kee, &Tsai,2008). The whole purpose of this study is to compare the amount of stress college athletes experience to non-athletes. It is hypothesized that college athletes will experience a great amount of stress than non-athletes due to multiple reasons. Participant group, college athletes and non-athletes will complete a stress survey called “The Inventory of College Students' Recent Life

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