College Student Retention And Success

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Amber Caplan
College Student Retention and Success
Part 1: Identify the student retention and success initiative

The Achieving The Dream Initiative

Many institutions face challenges retaining and graduating community college students. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators need work together to find ways to help these students succeed. Through the use of the Achieving the Dream initiative, the organization can help community colleges and their students to stay with their school and become successful academically and professionally.
The Achieving The Dream initiative was founded by the Lumina Foundation in 2004 and other organizations such as, American Association of Community Colleges (AACC); Community College Leadership Program at the University of Texas-Austin (CCLP); Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University (CCRC); Jobs for the Future; MDC; MDRC; and Public Agenda (The Achieving The Dream, 2016). With a network of over 200 institutions, coaches, advisors, policy teams, and 57 investors who help fund the initiative, over 4 million low income, students of color, and first generation community college students have had a chance to succeed the past 10 years. (The Achieving The Dream, 2016). Massachusetts alone has 4 institutions that are partnered with the organization such as Bunker Hill Community College, Northern Essex Community College, Roxbury Community College and Springfield Technical Community College. They are funded…
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