College Student Success

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College campus are flooded with students on a daily basis. There are those who will graduate on time and there those who will drop out and never become a college graduate. There seems to be one common denominator among all college graduate, which is persistence. The federal government has taken notice of the need to educate more people at the college level. Therefore, they have invested money in the community colleges to make college enrollment and graduation a success story. According to Burns (2010), president Obama’s goal is to graduate 5 million more Americans from Community Colleges across the nation. In order to attain such goal, educational leaders must be willing to tap into the resources that have deemed to improve the success of college students.…show more content…
According to Burns (2010), one of the main factors that affect college success is the institutions willingness to invest in the students by engaging and supporting the whole student. Colleges should be required to use all of their resources for the betterment of the students. Student affairs practitioners can be tapped in a college's effort to create learning-centered cultures and strategies to ensure student success (Burns, 2010). Of all the studies conducted, it was concluded that students’ willingness to succeed against all odd to be the number one predictor of college success. According to Sparkman, Maulding, and Roberts (2012), social responsibility is the strongest emotional intelligence subscale predictor of graduation. Students who are dedicated and committed to their studies despite the challenges they face are more likely to succeed in
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