College Students Are At Risk For Hunger

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Many college students are at risk for hunger. Low-income students do not prioritize eating because of their other financial responsibilities, including rent, textbooks, and transportation. Students who tend to buy their own food, do not buy the most nutritious meals which includes the infamous ramen for lunch or dinner. Two articles that discuss students experiencing food insecurity are “Students Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Books and Food” by Clare Cady explains how low-income students cannot afford the food provided on campus because of other responsibilities which tend to relate to school whether its textbooks or transportation to get to class. The other article, “Student Food Insecurity: The Skeleton in the University Closet” by…show more content…
This article explores different examples at different colleges in how they handle food insecurity and providing resources on-campus for students. One example is at Nash Community College, the alumni association created a fund that provides gift cards at grocery stores for students. The purpose of exploring the idea of food insecurity is to show the difficulties that college students go through when putting school as a priority as they are told to. Another issue examined in the article is how expensive transportation can be for students who live off-campus such as New York where most students have to take the subway which some can’t afford. Cady includes the idea of college students going through the typical broke college student by stating “Many of these students are not the archetypical “poor college student,” engaged in a rite of passage by spending too much on beer and living on Top Ramen. Their hands shake because they have not eaten in two days.” She considers the risks of having a poor diet and how it can have severe consequences on the body and mental stability.
Similarly, in Hughes article “Student food insecurity: The skeleton in the university closet,” published on February 24th, 2011, in the book Nutrition & Dietetics vol. 68, examines the consequences of food insecurity, health risks involved, and how it can be a negative impact on academic performance. There is a reason why humans have dietary
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