College Students Are Responsible For Interpreting And Remembering A Large Amount Of Information

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College students are responsible for interpreting and remembering a vast amount of information. An efficient method for remembering things can be associations that are pictures or sounds that aid a person in remembering information. There also can be certain distractions that can hinder the amount of information that one can recollect. In a two-way ANOVA, we tested the effect that associations and distractions can have on memory recall. We hypothesized that when an association was present, participants would be able to record more words than when there not any associations present. We also hypothesized that when a distraction was present, participants would record less words than when distractions are not present. We used a between-subjects design and with the use of a visual presentation to we tested college-level students on their memory recall. According to the data collected, we accept the null hypothesis for both of the hypothesis. Since none of the trials presented to the participants contained a significant difference, associations and distractions that were tested were not significant enough to be from a different population.

The research and experimentation that was done in this study is very important in the efforts to learn more on the issue of memory recall and what specifically can effect one’s performance. This information can help improve the methods of teaching in schools where students heavily rely on memorizing things. It is pertinent
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