College Students Are Well Known For Being Creative

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College students are well known for being creative with ways to make money by creating new products and services. A Massachusetts college student is facing pressure of getting discipline actions for listing up his dorm room at Airbnb for renting as a way of making some money. According to the article “Emerson student could face disciplinary action after renting out his dorm room on Airbnb” from, Jack Worth, a 19-year-old sophomore studying visual and media at Emerson College, provides his dorm rooms to three renters before he gets caught (Hoover, 2016). The reporter uses both epideictic and pathos to lure readers’ attention about the story, but she neither states her opinions over situation nor focuses on the target audience.
Firstly, Hoover successfully draws attention by using two methods to show two sides of the story. She opens with pathos by stating the reason that leads Jack Worth to come across the idea of renting out his room, “Living in Boston isn’t cheap, Emerson is a fantastic location; there is a high level of interest of travel in this neighborhood because it’s so centrally located, I saw this as a way to make some money, but also help some people out” (para 3). Hoover then uses epideictic by quoting Emerson College as another side of the situation, “The Emerson College Residence Hall policy and the housing contract that undergraduate residents sign prohibit students from subleasing or renting College housing units or beds to protect residents…
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