College Students Do Not Enjoy Writing

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Many college students do not enjoy writing. They look at writing as a trivial task that is required in courses that are within the field of study of English and liberal arts. However, writing is essential to all fields of study, whether big or small. This isn’t known to all college students; they neglect to see the aspects of writing in their particular field of study before pursuing it. I am familiar with this problem. I began my college journey as a pre-Business Administration student. I had no idea what types of writing were involved in my major. I thought that I’d only be writing for my English and General Education(GE) courses. I did and do enjoy writing, so I never thought of writing as a chore. As I complete my major’s pre-requisite courses, I thought of the role of writing in my field of study, which is Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems(MIS.) I never thought of the role of writing within my major of Business Administration before coming to Sacramento State. In order to better understand the role of writing, I observed an upper division course that had a writing component in my field of study. As a pre-business student, I choose Management(MGMT) 102, Business Communications taught by Randall Benfield on 3 March 2016 from 7:30-8:45PM. The class met in the basement of the library in Library 53 - Studio Classroom A. My focus of the observation was to study how the professor communicated with and taught the students and how
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