College Students Problem with Procrastination

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Procrastination nowadays has become a universal problem, and it is tough to consider that some people may say that they do not procrastinate. This universal problem exists more among college students (Wolters, 2003). It is estimated that 95% of college students in the United States have reported that they have suffered from procrastination (Chow, 2009). Professors’ dispute that students procrastinate more often and generally when there is a term paper to be turned in, rather than when doing assignments or having to study for exams. Steel (2007) defined academic procrastination as the inclination to wait or reschedule doing academic responsibilities. Steel mentioned that by postponing tasks, procrastinators will go through some emotional difficulties; stress, anxiety, and depression. There are many studies that show that procrastination has a destructive collision on student’s educational performance (Moon and Illingworth, 2005). Procrastination is also linked to other bad performance and outcomes consist of bad study habits, exam anxiety, fear of failure, lower grades, sense of guilt, poor time management, and communication skills (Lee, 2005). Procrastination is a serious matter in college and universities and how studies show that it is also affects student’s health I strongly believe that by having self-regulation and following some steps it will improve student’s academic…
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