College Students Should Complete Their Degrees

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There are so many jobs out there especially technicians which those jobs are highly in demand for our nation, and there is plenty of help in receiving a degree in that particular field. College students should complete their degrees, but not just any degree. Many students have degrees that aren’t useful in their lives once they’ve graduated and received their degree. Technicians are jobs are highly in demand which is stated in Anna Brutzman “Michelin exex: Group effort required to educate enough skilled technicians” (2012) article states “He cited a 2011 Deloitte survey that found 86 percent of Americans believe manufacturing is important to the economy; still, fewer than a third responded that they would encourage their children to pursue a job in the sector” (para 4). Students should finish college, and succeed in life regardless of their obstacles. Students are able to do anything if they put their minds to it, and stay focused at all times then there will be nothing that they can’t conquer as Scott Horsley author of “Obama’s defines His American Dream” affirms “The American dream- the idea in this country anyone can rise from humble beginnings and succeed- is deeply woven into our national psyche. It’s a promise that draws immigrants to our shores. And it’s a staple on campaign trail” (para 1). It’s a wonderful feeling to earn a degree especially if the President of USA encourage you to finish college. According to Scott Horsley Desmond McCough said, “It’s one thing

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