College Students Should Not Be Legal For Students

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As time passed on, majority of undocumented student graduate high school and head to the next level of their studies. But the majority of these college students fear is applying there choice of college. The majority of the colleges in the United States does not accept undocumented student hopes of continuing education. This initially leads students to give up pursuing their education to work at places that do not require a degree. Although some student are given the chance to study at their college, most of them can not afford to pay the classes. Nothing is free for the students unless they are documented in the United States. But something acquired throughout the years that the student had an opportunity to continue their studies. The…show more content…
And the government heard there message so they passed an act called “Dream Act”. The Dream act is being supported by undocumented students at least 91 percent and that’s only in the United States. But there are going to be some people who will not support the Dream act just because they are undocumented. Majority of the people who was born and raised in the United States say they will there benefits as well. At least more than 50 percent does not support the Dream act. Which leads the students to protest and allowed the states to accept undocumented students, but also being accepted in high level of education. For example, majority of what the documented people are doing is discriminating the students. Another is about two out of 50 states only accept undocumented student and the Dream act. The two states are Texas and California because it has the biggest population of undocumented students. But also because it’s right next to the boarder. More than 90 percent are protesting in areas that the states are denning them. It causes a great chaos when the student don’t follow orders from the police which leads to being arrested. Although the students are being arrested it inspired other states to make a stand as well. Like Boston which is a racist state who discriminates undocumented students. The student gather together and stay at one spot to defend their statement of the American dream. Secondly proving a point to the
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