College Students Should Not Work

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Over recent years the increase in students working has become a staple of higher education. The increase in tuition has caused more students to seek extra sources of income in order to pay for school. However, as work becomes more prevalent in a student’s life, so has the controversies over its benefits and detriments regarding academic success. College students should not work while attending school because it prevents them from focusing on assignments, it deprives them of sleep, and it decreases retention rates. While college students are pushed to seek jobs to pay for tuition, students eventually end up dropping out to focus on work. Research done at the University of Texas at Brownsville provides information on how working part-time affects the retention of students. Studies done at the university show that students who work part time tend to consider themselves more as employees than students, which leads to them taking less classes and eventually dropping out (Stern 56). When compared to students who have the finances to go to school without working, the retention rate for working students is significantly lower. Surveys handed out to 5 post graduate and 5 undergraduate students in Greenbelt, Maryland showed that 50% of the people surveyed reported having known someone who worked and ended up dropping out of school. To make the situation worse, the standards required for scholarship awards only force more students who do not meet these standards to seek employment to
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