College Students Should Study Abroad

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Students all across the nation are given a choice. They have a choice to continue on their education after high school, and they have a choice to go straight to the work field. We are faced with choices every single day, choices that will define us, and make us who we are. As college students we have the choice and the opportunity of a lifetime, and that is to study abroad. Studying in a foreign country benefits the students in many ways including the opportunity to travel the world, experience different education styles, have numerous education and career opportunities, and experience personal development. College students should study abroad for one semester throughout their college experience.
“Studying abroad may be one of the most
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The culture, landmarks, history and the customs that have established that country and still live on to the present day, is what has made a country what it is. It is very important to see for themselves while students are studying abroad. Studying abroad also comes with the opportunity to see other parts of the world, through excursions, and visiting neighboring countries.
“Completely immersing yourself in the education system of your host country is a great way to really experience and understand the people, its traditions, and its culture” (10 Benefits). Since students are there to actually study in a new country, with new study habits, new educational systems, and new education styles, it is important to adjust to their way of teaching and learning and giving best effort. Studying in a whole new country takes time, effort and may even take the student stepping out of their comfort zone. By studying abroad, one may see how their certain major is taught in other countries and may even learn material that they did not know about their particular major, and experience different sides of their major.
“A study abroad experience also lets you expand your academic learning outside of the classroom, because you live what you are learning” (Advocating for Education). Studying in a different country gives a student many opportunities to be under different professors, with different viewpoints and with the ability to offer more
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