College Students Social Media Usage

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In the study, Technology Inhibiting One 's Coping mechanisms with stress and loneliness, there were five focus group interviews held at the University of California, Irvine. Throughout data collection I formulated a research question, what are the differences between college students social media usage and how do they affect their connections to the campus community? Technology has grown exponentially in the last ten years changing the ways young adults communicate and understand one another. People’s main goal is to create strong connections with one another, and technology is inhibiting it. People are using online chat rooms instead of coffee dates. There is a huge difference between in person connections compared to online connections. This study gave great insight in the different uses for social media and technology. In reality, sites such as Facebook cause more stress because they are associated with academics and business. Other sites can be associated with close friends and some students associate it is with their happy place. Technology does in fact inhibited one 's coping mechanisms because someone will sit for hours on their phone. Instead of scrolling for hours wasting time they could be using proven mechanisms like talking to a friend or family member. To counteract this during stressful times, people deactivated social media and other technology to take away the distraction. Technology did not fully replace working mechanisms because they still look for face
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