College Students' Spending Behavior

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Everything changes because nothing is constant, even the slightest factors of people’s lives will change. The spending behavior of students today is rather different from before leaving a question of what could be the spending factors of students today be. According to Neill Valentine D’Silva (2008) in his article about college spending habits, Students are getting more and more into consumerism every day. Students who used to live away from their home, there are too much of brand awareness and increase the chances of students buying things that they don’t need leaving mass media a factor.

Going to college is every one’s time to experience living independently. It is a highly priced course that is often misunderstood by the parents as “cheap”. Spending behavior is commonly a behavior affecting the way a person use their money in order to satisfy their wants and needs without any use of control. The way on how students manage their own money may become a behavior that may be a difficult thing to change, for behavior had been influenced by what are the surroundings. But, according to Norvilitis (2006) there are several factors that may matter about the manner on which college students manage their money, such as age, personality traits and knowledge. One must have enough prior background knowledge about finance that may take responsibility for them…
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