College Students and Alcohol Essays

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College Students and Alcohol

College student drunkenness is far from new and neither are college and university efforts to control it. What is new, however, is the potential to make real progress on this age-old problem based on scientific research results. New research-based information about the consequences of high-risk college drinking and how to reduce it can empower colleges and universities, communities, and other interested organizations to take effective action. Hazardous drinking among college students is a widespread problem that occurs on campuses of all sizes and geographic locations. A recent survey of college students conducted by the Harvard University School of Public Health reported that 44 percent of respondents had
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There is a significant number of individual- and group-focused, environmental, comprehensive college-community, and program-implementation strategies that college presidents and administrators could use confidently today to diminish this problem. Many of them require no new resources and only modest costs even being long-term actions.

The media is the most important element of the environment that can influence college student drinking. Research addresses the effects of media on drinking from two perspectives: combating the negative impact of advertising from the alcohol industry and using the media constructively to create positive change. Underage individuals experience significant exposure to alcohol advertising which increases awareness and affects intention to drink. This has led some public health groups to conclude that there is a link between advertising and alcohol consumption.

This action is pretty valuable if the students can help colleges and universities to make a conscious effort to help other students. The Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study shows that peers have the greatest influence on student norms. When peer norms appear to encourage immoderate drinking, consumption goes up. Regardless of
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