College Students and Depression

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Electronic Research Assignment College Students and Depression College Students and Depression College students face many adversities as they transcend their collegiate careers. Depression is a major factor that haunts students since the first day they walk into their first lecture. It is extremely alarming that in 2009, the American College Health Association found that 9.2 percent of college students at all types of institutions reported being diagnosed with depression, and 9.4 percent with anxiety (Fogg. B14-B15). However, most researchers believe that this statistical percentage is much higher. What exactly is depression? Depression in terms of psychology is, “a sign of psychiatric disorder or a component of various psychoses,…show more content…
Also, the Stafford loans are not enough to support a person during college. The paper work and terminology in acquiring these loans is also tremendously difficult and puts a strain on the student who has to do this every year. It is extremely stressful on knowing whether or not you are going to be able to attend college next semester and can plague the student through the rest of their collegiate experience. For example Amy began to notice depression setting in because of her student loans. “ It was probably during sophomore year when I got a notice from FAFSA that my financial aid did not go through. I had no money, and I needed to live at campus. It was stressful, but I got it worked out after a couple of weeks, but it was pretty much down hill from there. The stress just kept piling up with all the schoolwork, plus I missed my family. The only thing that made me feel ever the slightest bit better was partying and drinking and going home for weekend.”(Collins). This shows that debt can be the instigating force that pushes toward other depression-inducing factors such as alcohol. As more and more students enroll in college and seek money, the higher the risk for depression. The affect of depression on college students is extremely harmful in the progression of education. The factors of depression can contribute to the progression of depression well past the collegiate years. The one aspect that has the greatest effect of prolonging
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