College Students and Stress Essay

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College Students and Stress

Today a college education can overload students with too many stressful situations. Not only does Stress overload today's college students, but it is also the leading cause of personality disorders. In her essay, Cathy Bell explains that major depressive disorder strikes 5-12% of men and 10-20% of women; half of these people will have more than one occurrence and 15% of them will commit suicide ("Depression for the young"). For instance, many depressives are first recognized and treated during their years in college. For a large amount of people, depression exposes itself because of traumatizing experiences, such as leaving home and/or academic stress. For other students alcohol and drugs become a
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First there are the external triggers such as physical environment, social interaction, major life events and daily hassles. Then there are the internal triggers like lifestyle choices, negative self-talk, mind traps, and lastly stressful personality traits. One or more of these triggers can easily influence college students ("Stress Management for Patient and Physician"). In reality it is most often the internal triggers that take the college kids down for the count. Too much caffeine, not enough sleep, and an overloaded schedule. Hey, doesn't that sound like every college student's biography!

The Canadian Journal of Continuing Medical Education says

It is important to note that most of the stress that most of us have is actually self generated. This is a paradox because so many people think of external stresses when they are upset (it is the weather, the boss, the spouse, and the stock market). Recognizing that we create most of our own upsets, however, is an important first step to dealing with them. (Posen)

Doctor Posen states the obvious here, most people act impulsively while influenced by stress without really thinking about why they are doing it. Impulsive internal stresses are probably the leading cause mental, physical and emotional

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