College Students and Stress

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College and Stress There are numerous stress factors college students encounter while striving to complete their educational goals. Their grades may be affected by daily life situation stressors that accumulate throughout the semester. Students’ financial needs, lack of social support, family drama, and other various circumstances can all mount up to a tremendous amount of stress and may result in poor grades and lack of collected credits. In fact, stress continues to be a constant issue in people’s lives, (Holmes & Rahe, 1967; Viner, 1999) and these “life demands stressors” are unavoidable and can be overwhelming which directly or indirectly relate to individuals underperforming because of psychological and physiological symptoms…show more content…
There are many international students in the United States. According to political and economic aspects, there will be many more registrations of international students in the future (Hayes & Lin, 1994; Huang, 1994). Compared to American students, international students have additional pressure, for instance international students have to learn a new language, the culture, and a different perspective in educational preparation (Essandoh, 1995; Mori, 2000). These stressors, with the addition to American students’ academic stressors, can accumulate to international students as they have limited means of coping. This can result to physical ailments or psychological distress (Lazarus & Folkman, 1994; Pearlin, 1999) because international students are not around their familiar environment and far from their foundation of social support. However, a study by Ranjita Misra and Linda Castillo revealed that international students conveyed lower academic stress and less reaction to stressors than that of American college students. The five sets of academic stressors that Misra and Castillo measured the students were frustrations, conflict, pressures, changes, and self-imposed. The choices of reactions to these stressors that were given to the students were divided into four choices. Those choices were physiological, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive. The American students admitted that most of their stressors are self-inflicted because they value being competitive and

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