College Students and Sub-culture

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Sub-cultures are something everyone is a part of in any society they live in. Everyone lives in some kind of culture; everyone has an ethnic background, a social standing, possible political, moral, and religious views and each of these items submits that person into multiple sub-groups within their culture. I, myself, am a part of numerous sub-cultures.
Starting with the largest I am a human being; I live and function as a human and not as an animal or plant. This seems a little farfetched to apply as a sub-culture but it is a proven fact that even some animal groups have communities and cultures of their own. Also, there are even some humans who choose to live an animalistic lifestyle. In addition, I am Caucasian or white
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With this being said that means that I am also part of a popular sub-culture within American Universities. Although, U.S. News reported in 2012 that Communication Studies was not among the top five most popular majors at Troy University. According to these statistics students whose choses major is Communication Studies make up less than 7% of the student population (U.S. News). So although I can identify with many in this sub-culture within America I cannot relate with nearly as many people of this sub-culture at Troy University. I can still create relationships with college students in general despite my major.
There are not many nonverbal factors to analyze for this sub-culture but there are quite a few verbal factors. College students have a language of their own. They know the struggles of class schedules, club meetings, registration, living on a dime, and buying books dirt cheap. This verbal code often disconnects college students from people similar to their age due to the fact that much of the subjects to be spoken about are quite different. This is not to say that college students cannot communicate with non-college students but they often find it easier to relate to those who understand their lingo, joys, struggles, and more.
The societal class that college attendees belong to has always had the stigma of being the “haves” of society. In recent years; however, many who attend college come from
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