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College Success What does it mean to be successful? Many people look at the word success from different views. The dictionary defines success in two ways: the accomplishment of one’s goals and then the attainment of wealth or position. I believe you can be successful in two ways as well: you can be successful in your career and you can be successful by doing what makes you happy and living a fulfilling life to your standards. You don’t have to have a huge mansion on top of a private hill looking over the ocean to be defined as successful. When asked what it takes to be successful in college, that’s a different story. To be successful in college is to reach your academic goals in a productive way. I am in college to obtain a…show more content…
Another vital skill that will help me to succeed in college is to have good communication with professors. I chose this skill because your instructors are your most important resource through your college years. Mastering this skill will help me with just about anything; keeping up with grades, going over questions that I have on the homework assignment so that I don’t make the same mistake on the test. Professors can be your friend if you let them. They really are there to help you succeed. In “Student Guide to First-Year Composition” Sugie Goen-Salter writes, “When you are a student in a first-year composition course, your instructor is your most important resource.”(50) Goen-Salter is saying that you have many resources in college but your main one will be your instructor. You can use them as a learning tool or even as someone to just talk to. I’d much rather my professors be my friend or at least know me by name and face rather than not know who I am. I will talk to my professors about anything; the weather, how their day is going, what they had for breakfast, etc. The purpose of your instructor is to be your guide along this journey of life. If I keep in good contact with my professors I will never be unsure about what is being asked of me. Sugie Goen-Salter also writes, “Office hours and your instructor’s office location will be listed on your syllabus, and your instructor will post her office hours outside her
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