College Success Research Paper

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Success is a term that can be defined in many different ways. Some may see it as wealth, others may see it as gaining knowledge from certain tasks. From what I have experienced, I would define success as getting to where you wanted to get to, in other words, achieving one’s goals. Success comes in many forms, one would be through higher education. When it comes to college, many wonder how beneficial it will be. It is important to look at the long-term effects, as opposed to its short-term effects, such as costs. Yes, college is worth it and will play an important part in a person’s life. In fact, it plays an even bigger part in that individual’s future success. By being successful in college a person could acquire a better income, higher socioeconomic…show more content…
Generating more income will push college students out of the working class. Imagine being fresh out of college with no college education having to work job after job. It is not fun, it’s tiring, and most importantly it’s unstable. On the other hand, being a college graduate, securing a job, and becoming financially stable is much more satisfactory. Once financially stable, a college graduate will be able to be placed within the middle class, and eventually in the upper class. Upgrading from the lower class to higher classes creates a sense of security. There are no signs of immediate struggle. Even if something were to happen, such as a foreclosure, a college graduate would be better prepared for that situation as opposed to someone who did not have a degree and/or…show more content…
As stated by Leonhardt (2014), having a degree doesn’t automatically promise a successful future. It is up to an individuals to identify what they want to achieve in life and how they want to get success. Preparation is very important when it comes to the structure of success. College, as previously explained, plays an key role in future success. Acquiring a bachelor's degree or higher, will give a person the edge over their peers, who do not have a degree. They have an edge over others because a college degree opens up many opportunities rather than being stuck with low-wage, unsatisfactory occupation. In short, it leads you on the path of success to achieve all that you want to achieve in life. Thus, giving that individuals a step above others when it comes to achieving their future
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