College Tuition And The Rising Cost Of Education Essay

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College has been sold to the American people as the key to a better future. Complete the four-year degree program and watch oneself rise from the poverty of lower class to the white picket fence middle class dream. This may have been the case in the 1970’s, but college students today are facing over one trillion dollars in combined student loan debt (Denhart 3). In fact, the price of college has increased higher than any other good or service since 1978(Ivory Tower). With the cost of tuition skyrocketing and income inequality being at an all-time high, the cost to achieve a post-secondary education is becoming further out of reach for more middle-class citizens. The current status quo is unsustainable for the future and action needs to be taken before the student debt bubble leads to another recession replicating the housing crash in 2008. Society currently wonders why college tuition is becoming more affordable and many wonder what can be done to find a possible solution Current authors and researchers have made statements on college tuition and the rising cost of education. The research gathered from these sources will specifically be applied to how it affects middle class families in the United States. This research from the authors includes answers to the rising tuition and possible legislative solutions to fix this epidemic. In an article by New York Times Journalist Barry Werth, he examines how colleges are in a more competitive age with marketing and price fixing and
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