College Tuition Benefits

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Every parent urges their child to attend college to obtain a higher education and have an easier work life, however, currently college is being overlooked by a majority of the U.S. citizens because of tuition, paying student loans, or they remain jobless after receiving a degree. In fact, they fail to see the beneficial outcome of getting a degree. College graduates have higher wages than those with only a high school diploma, when applying for jobs it’ll be easier to be employed, and living in a different community aid with developing social and intellectual skills. Although the main factor that seems to draw the attention of high school students, and encourage them to continue their education, is the wages. “Full time workers with a bachelor's degree made 83 percent more (Leonhardt “Even for Cashiers, College Pays Off”).” Naturally we automatically daydream about money, although we soon face the reality of paying tuition; that is how our view on college becomes soiled. In other words, the tuition is pricey, and it…show more content…
In actuality, pro’s significantly outweigh the con’s of getting a higher
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