College Tuition Cost On A Rise Essay

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College Tuition Cost on a Rise The rising cost of education in Texas colleges started in 2003 when the deregulation was lifted. Then, soon after, the Texas State legislature cut the education budget because of a drop in the economy in 2008. The cut in funding and the removal of the deregulation law allowed colleges across Texas a way to recoup lost resources by raising the cost of tuition. The raising cost of tuition has limited the amount of attending students from graduating in the expected time frame, left students in debt, and has denied the chance of countless others from attending the college of their choice. This essay will reflect on supporting evidence to demonstrate how the increase of cost of college tuition over the past 10 years has affected future and current student enrollment. Since the early 1900’s, Texas colleges had to lobby for funding from their supporting legislature representative. It was not until 1955 when the Texas legislature established the Texas Commission of Higher Education (V.R. Cardozier 2012) to help monitor, coordinate, and develop the funding, establish new facilities, and more develop new degree programs. The legislation was ignored because no one was put in charge to oversee it. This would change when John Connally became governor in 1965, he had a great idea of establishing a board of regents; which consists of nine members that are appointed, but three are appointed every two years by the governor for a six year term, approved by

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