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1 December 2011
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Student Loans Today college tuition prices are rising. Paying for college can often be a stressful responsibility. A college education is very important for many students, but when stressing on how to pay for college gets in the way, it becomes more of a burden. Kim Clark effectively states the rising prices of college tuition in her article, “The Surprising Causes of Those College Tuition Hikes.” Clark states that the cost of attending a public university, even after subtracting out aid and inflation, rose more than fifteen percent in the last
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President Obama also announces a new program that will lower monthly loan payments for some students graduating next year. The government tries its best to ease the stress off of those paying back debt. Although the government has made programs to help those struggling to pay back their debt, it is also one owns responsibly. When taking out a loan for college one should have a plan as to how he or she plans on paying it back. By getting a side job and managing your money in order to pay off your debt, it will take away a lot of stress. Obviously the best solution to avoid debt right after graduating college is to avoid a student loan or any loans. College tuition prices are rising and so is the amount of student loan debt. To many students getting a good education to start off their future is very important. With the rising prices of college tuition, often many students have to get a student loan in order to pay their way through college. Student loans are there to help one out, but can become a huge burden to one. Although student loans come with a lot of responsibility, if one plans a way to pay it off the loan can be very helpful and stress free.
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