College Tuition Should Be Waived For All Students

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The waiving of college tuition would benefit the economy and society due to the ease of getting a college education. College tuition is a stress that almost every student who goes to earn a four-year degree goes through in their life. Actually, those who even earn their associates, a certification, or even those who go to a two-year college may come across the difficulty for their tuition. College tuition should be waived for all students who go into a field that involves direct beneficiary to humans such as, doctors and teachers. If tuition rates were to be waived, the government would have to pay for it form taxpayers’ paychecks. “I mean would the federal government tolerate those different ranges or would taxpayers want to see the same tuition rate” (All Things Considered, 2016)? Those who do not have any children or anyone else who in their family who go to college will still have to end up paying extra tax even though they do not benefit from any of it. So, why should they have to pay extra tax money from their hard work earning money? Many people would not agree to it resulting in a lot of conflict. The high cost of tuition rates is resulting in many children not being able to go to college. “With the gradual decline of the country 's manufacturing base and the growth of service-sector office jobs, the percentage of Americans with at least some college credits has risen steadily. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly 70% of office workers have a
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