College Uneducation by Jorge Bocobo

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COLLEGE "UNEDUCATION” Jorge Bocobo About the Author Dr. Jorge Bocobo was born in Gerona, Tarlac in 1896. He studied in the private and public schools of his town during the Spanish regime, and he resumed his education during the early part of the America occupation. In 1903, he was among the first group of government pensionados sent to the United States on a scholarship. Dean Bocobo took up law at Indiana University and returned to the Philippines after completing his studies. He began working as a law clerk in the executive bureau of the government. Later, he was drafted into the newly founded College of Law where he taught Civil Law He is the principal author of the Civil Code of the Philippines. He was appointed as President…show more content…
Vet how can we expect all this result from a state of affairs which reduces a law student to a code a prospective doctor to a prescriptions and a would-be an engineer to a mathematical formulas? How many students in our in our professional colleges ate doing any systematic reading in literature. May we not, indeed serious whether this fetish of specialization does not smother the inspiring sense of beauty and ennobling love of finer things that our students have it in them to unfold into full blown-magnificence. The Jading Dullness of Modern Life "A thing of beauty is a joy forever", says Keats. But we know that beauty is a matter of taste, and unless we develop in us a proper appreciation of what is beautiful and sublime, everything around us is tedious and common place. We rise early and go out into the morning, but our spirit is unresponsive to the hopeful quietude and the dew-chastened sweetness of dawn. At night, we behold the myriad starts but they are just so many bright speaks, their soft fires do not soothe our troubled hearts and we do not experience that awesome, soul-stirring, fascination of the immense ties of God Universe. We ate bathed in the silver sheen of the moon and yet feel not the beatitude of the moment we gaze upon a vista of high mountains, but their silent strength has no appeal for us. We read some undying verses, still, their vibrant

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