College Value : The Echo Of A Student Orchestra

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College Value: The Echo of a Student Orchestra

For all my virtuous endeavors I have learned a profound truth; the journey to perfection requires many elementary strides. In the pursuit of an education, I believe that striving for perfection leads to accomplishment; equally valued, to the length and direction of the stride. Considering whether the investment in a college education is worth the return or a waste of time we must also consider the perspective of those who would introspect. Acknowledging the obvious ambiguity of worth and value, infinite perspectives regarding education emerge. Whether you are an investor pursuing financial gain, a philosopher seeking enlightenment or a proletariat considering employment, reward will reflect your ambition. Jacques Steinberg in his essay, “Plan B: Skip College” Explains that having to pay tuition without obtaining a degree may not be the best of endeavors. He calls for alternatives for those who are not likely to obtain a degree. (Steinberg 116) While I agree with Steinberg that alternatives should be available, I do not believe anyone should skip the experience altogether; specifically, for fear of a difficult journey. Stephen G. Emerson in his essay “Is College Worth the Money?” questions, “How valuable is a college degree?”(Emerson 119) Emerson perceives this question as one of a philosophical nature, where we should value the experience as well as the financial gains. Emerson says “College should literally change your…

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