College Vs. High School

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Welcome to college! Congratulations on making it this far! Now the time comes to ramp up the ante! No such program as stepping up to college exists as it does for for high school. Oh wait! It’s called high school. Move it or lose it now, your future rests on your shoulders. High school teachers just handed you your future based on the way you schooled, and college professors tell you to figure it out. College trips up hundreds of students a year, refrain from letting yourself become one of them. Your class strategies must improve as will your study habits and reading habits to fulfill new demands of college classes and avoid sliding into the pitfalls of doom. Umpteen million utilities and tricks to remember when it comes to college classes begin to surface if you google “college vs. high school”. Sever Kvigne, a student at UWGB, tells us our first point regarding classes. Students too often skip class, Kviane says, and wind up failing (9/4/15). Attending class gleams success, regardless how simple catching back up by finding a friend and their notes may seem. Overthinking it, fabricating excuses, and debating reveal a descent into the pits; just go. You will ameliorate learning since your brain stores what you hear and correlates that to the image of your notes; the process of active learning. Honestly, where else can you learn the material this effectively? With note taking in mind, we explore what Rachael, Daigle, and Rachael, tell us that paraphrasing

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