College Wage Gaps

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Today, our society thrives on the wealth and support of the upper-class aristocrats to guide our dollar sign endeavors in the right direction. They are proof, in the flesh, that college offers a life above average, a life that is comfortable and well-lived. College offers experience for the long run, a chance at higher paying jobs, and a chance to make a positive contribution to the our endlessly evolving world. Nonetheless, it is the decision every high school student faces at the end of their four-year run; is it worth the hassle or is it an unnecessary element in their daily lives.

Change occurs throughout the duration of our lives. It is the constant movement and development of innovative ideas in topics such as medicine and technology. A student’s goal should be to take part in the change but not be affected by it. Post-secondary education reflects the common ideals of
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On average 86% of Americans believe that college was ultimately a “good investment” and that it set the bar for their annual earnings. Those adults who graduated from a four-year school thought that they earned an annual wage of $20,000 more than the wage of an individual who didn’t graduate from such a facility. This estimation was precisely accurate with the actual statistical findings according to the U.S. Census Bureau. (“Is College Worth It?”) Post-secondary education offers a greater financial status in the lives of those who dare to gamble with the odds and invest their time and effort into a reward of a lifetime. This educational wealth offers a gateway into a life that cannot be conjured up by any high school graduate but by a collegiate alumnus, a life that is ultimately happier and stress-free. While other high school graduates often hide and run in the face of this decision the few that stay will be rewarded a life of
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