College Website Essay

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Attending college is different from high school in many ways. In high school, students usually receive their schedule from their counselor with their classes and teachers already selected. In college, students have the opportunity to meet with advisors but they have to choose their own classes and professor they will be taking for the semester. Having to choose what classes and professor to take for the semester can sometimes be stressful. To help relieve stress on students, there are websites that are created where students can view reviews left on different professors from their peers. Professor rating websites are important for students because it helps them choose a great professor that will help them receive the knowledge the need to…show more content…
In his article, Does Really Rate My Professor, James Otto states that “some students use the data on these sites to develop expectations of their professors and set schedules, which indirectly affect faculty teaching loads and student expectations” (Otto 355). Although some of these rating should be taken with a grain of salt, some of them should be taken serious especially if some of the commenters are saying similar things. Not all comments are trying to hurt the professors’ reputation or career. According to Nicole Landry, “online faculty rating sites are growing in popularity: 90% of the students in our sample reports visiting at least once” (Landry, Kurkul, Poirier 141). Professor rating websites are becoming a big factor in the college world. Students no longer have to worry if they chose a good professor or not. They may simply go to the rating websites and find the professor they are looking for and receive an idea of what the class will be like when the semester starts. Although college students mainly utilize these professor rating websites, anyone can view the reviews and comments. “Faculty could use online faculty rating sites to enhance their teaching and improve their traditional evaluations” (Landry, Kurkul, Poirier 141). Like stated above, colleges still send
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