College Women Told To Stop Wearing Hoop Earrings Because It's Racist

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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “prejudice” as 1) “injury or damage to a case at law or to one's rights” or 2a) “a favoring or dislike of something without good reason” 2b) “unfriendly feelings directed against an individual, a group, or race.”
These definitions are from the Merriam-Webster Student Dictionary for the simple use of the term. I especially want to focus on the second part because in today’s society this seems to be what is driving our Nation apart.
I saw an article today on called “White College Women Told to Stop Wearing Hoop Earrings Because It’s Racist.” It goes on to talk about two colored women at Pitzer College in Claremont, California that spray painted on the college’s
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Bonita insisted that he speak to her, followed him down several sets of stairs and again when he tried to walk away she grabbed his arm and pulled him back. He reached out with his other hand to try and pry her from him, and she starts yelling at him not to touch her. This entire time, a male friend of Bonita’s is just standing there watching the whole thing happen. Cory finally got tired of trying to leave and realized he was going to have to talk to Bonita. He asked her “You’re saying that I can’t have a hairstyle because of your culture? Why?” Bonita says again, “because it’s my culture! Do you know what locks mean?” Cory tries to explain to her that dreadlocks were a part of the Egyptian, Viking, and other cultures. Again, he walks away, thankfully Bonita is distracted by a student filming the whole situation and knocks the phone out of their hand before walking away herself. Fortunately, for Bonita, Cory chose not to file charges for assault, but maybe he should have, perhaps this is the reason there continues to be erratic, selfish, “all about me,” behavior from the Left, because no one is held accountable for their actions.
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