Essay on College Writing in the College Classroom

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College Writing in the College Classroom

If someone were to ask a group of people what is the purpose of a college writing course in today’s society, they would have to first think about the purpose of college in today’s society.There would probably be a variety of thoughts and images that come to mind like “it’s a place where you can get a degree,” “a place where you can learn things that prepare you for the real world,” or “ it’s a place where you can further your education from where you left off in high school.”The group may also think of things like “a place just like regular school, except it’s harder, and you have to pay for it,” or “the place that you have to go to if you want a chance at any real decent job.”But in all
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Toma, can we have a free-day?” and the answer would be, “OK.”He never graded with a biased opinion either.The cheerleaders got A’s, no matter how late or how short their written papers were.The rest of the class, with the exception of the super-genius, was ruthlessly graded.This didn’t make me very confident in my writing ability.

In my senior year in high school I took A.P. English.The difference between this class and the others were that the teacher focused on all aspects of English.From different types of

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