College: a World of Responsibility Essay

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Most people today think of college as simply a place to get a better education, or merely as a steppingstone to financial success. College is far more than that. College is an experience that shapes a person, which can have both positive and negative outcomes. It is all up to the students to make the college experience worth their time and effort. Students must realize the importance of the responsibilities now demanded of them by higher education.

Colleges are in a sense a microcosm; a smaller model of the world. Students encounter many new people and activities at college. Meeting new people who have new ideas and beliefs can greatly modify students' perceptions of the world they live in. In Dee's case, in Alice
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The instructors basically make this student think, see, and hear what they perceive to be what the student should be thinking, seeing, and hearing, through forms of mutilation; blinding him, packing his ears, and removing pieces of his brain. This is not what students need; nor should professors have to advocate student conduct to such an extreme level. In college, students must take it upon themselves to figure out what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Such things include doing homework, studying for tests, reading for classes, managing time, and even procrastinating. In college, no longer are students forced to do assigned work, instructors don't need the burden of stressing to students to do their work. A college student must be committed to his or her study. Today's standards are, on average, that students are recommended to spend 2-3 hours for every credit hour is worth, per week. Students must commit themselves to spend, sometimes, 45 hours a week outside of instruction on furthering their education, which really shaves the time available for students to have a life. A student must commit to not putting off work until it is too late, or going out instead of studying for a test. Not only that but they must commit themselves to learning on their own. A true teacher can only introduce concepts and information to a student, instead of drilling it into their mind through repetitious tactics and methods of punishment and reward;
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