College and Tuition: Is it worth It?

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Its sad the amount of students not going to collage based on tuition in the United States. Anymore, 47% of junior high and high school student’s parents feel they can't afford college for their kids anymore with the cost of tuition and it still increasing. I feel college tuition is way too high in the United States for most families in today's economy. Over half of the students going into college show some concern with how to pay for college. The amount of college graduate debt is rapidly increasing. Also, the little amount of jobs available because of the high unemployment rate, are having a harder time paying off debt. Even though the students can get loans and financial aid. Although some claim that higher education is still worth it, …show more content…
These numbers hit some schools extremely hard. According to Timothy Hulsey in his published article on cost of education nown: "State contributions to the 2009-10 operating budget declined by $189 million at UCLA, $109 million at University of Florida, $99 million at University of Washington, and $63 million at Louisiana State University (LSU), according to a Nov.1, 2009, New York Times article by Paul Fain. The percentage decline was equally significant, ranging from 33 percent at UCLA to 27 percent at LSU. " So therefore, states need to make up the money in a way so tuition of college keeps increasing for the states. Grants are even becoming harder for students to receive making going to and paying off college harder and harder. Also high unemployment rates contribute as well. In December of 2009, the nation's unemployment rate was around ten percent. Now in 2013, the rate has decreased which is good it's now around 7%.But the problem is people ages 20-24 is over 14% unemployed. These numbers are still high. This shows for students finding jobs and having jobs is really hard. And because of this, students are found competing against their peers for the jobs on and around compass. Without jobs, paying off the debt and college takes longer and longer. As of 2010 90% of college seniors were talking about moving back home after they were finished with college. This means that

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