College is the Gateway to Success

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A strand is a common theme or symbol across several articles or sources. I analyzed the following three articles in search of a common strand, “College is a Waste of Time” by Dale Stephens, “Importance of a college education” by Jeff McGuire, and lastly “Why Liberal Arts Matters” by Micheal S. Roth. After carefully analyzing all three of the articles, I chose “higher education is the gateway to success as my strand. This is a reoccurring point across all three articles; while not all the opinions are alike, they still correlate. In order to succeed, one needs a broad understanding of their field, to promote innovation as well as build intellectual strength and flexibility, enabling you to derive from your education and apply it to whatever…show more content…
Jeff McGuire would tell Stephens he is missing the bigger picture. McGuire believed that going to college opens up opportunities that previously wouldn’t have been available; an example being if you applied at a hospital for a nursing position and you didn’t have a nursing degree, you wouldn’t even be looked at for the position. This is only one profession on the growing list of entry level position jobs that require a college degree of some sort. Going to college provides you with access to professors who are experts within their respective field; giving you a learning advantage that self-taught or technically trained students would have never been exposed too. The broad understanding that a higher education provides, stimulates the growth of a cultural understanding as well as ethical reasoning. This understanding allows innovation to be achieved with increased frequency and efficiency. Students are taught to understand every concept of a subject, encouraging students to come to their own conclusions based on opinions and known facts. This sparks further interest in the specific area of study. When you possess a degree you are less limited as to what job you can possess. While with technically trained workers they are only able to complete a handful of jobs that fit under their technical certificates qualifications. Say that you worked for a laser welding company and gathered over 10 years of experience. Then your employer decided to change
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