College of Business Development Plan

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Development Plan One constant is change. Technologies change, processes change, research creates and promotes change (Aguinis, 2013). A need for constant change and improvement exists in any organization to remain competitive in the global environment. This need to remain current in teaching and supporting the teaching and research at the College of Business requires that employees invest in their personal development. To assist with this, the college of business not only provides funds for professional development supports ongoing development through the development plan. The objectives of this plan, the content, and the development activities of the development plan for the College of Business will now be discussed.
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A strategically sound organization such as the college of business will continually develop employees grooming individuals to advance within the organization (Aguinis, 2013). The plan seeks to prepare employees, noting potential to be found and developing the noted talent through trainings, advice, coaching, and other developmental methods (Aguinis, 2013). Beyond developing current skills, the plan will seek to foster new competencies that are applicable to future positions within the organization as well.
Enrich Employee’s Work Experience The opportunity to expand and challenge oneself enriches the employment experience (Aguinis, 2013). The vision for the College of Business is: “We are in the business of building successful futures” (UCCS, 2013). This building of futures includes all stakeholders, not just students or faculty. The university does not always have funds to compensate employees with large merit rewards, but the college expends great effort to ensure employees feel valued and invested in.
Content of Plan The College of Business offers several opportunities for employees to obtain professional and personal development through a variety of methods. One method is the use of SkillSoft trainings for required and optional online trainings programs. The SkillSoft program tracks trainings employees take along with grades
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