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In high school students are typically assigned with a project there senior year which forces them to explore different professions by completing volunteer hours at multiple non-profit facilities. The purpose of this assignment is to give students a first-person view of job fields that they might be interest in. So take advantage of this assignment while others simply complete the volunteer hours to satisfy the assignment. In high school to complete these hours I began an internship at a local automotive facility considering the fact that since I was a teen I had a passion for fiddling with automobiles. During this internship I learned many tricks of the trade as well as what I needed to do to be successful within the automotive industry. One of the most important lessons that I learned was that a proper hands-on education is mandatory within the automotive world unlike a select few of other industries. With this idea in mind my path was very clear, in order to one day open my own automotive restoration and performance shop I had to have the proper credentials. So I began to do research on Automotive Technician Degrees however I quickly discovered that such degree cans land anyone in a dead in position in certain economic conditions. Because of this issue I decided to expand my search to a degree that created many alternate options and I came across the copious amounts of opportunities out there for mechanical engineers which included hands on automotive works, at this point
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