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College's Core Competencies assessment
Les français sont-ils bons en langues? short video clip from Easy French #21
Easy French is a Youtube channel which presents genuine dialogues, in French, through interviews. Easy French Clip #21, Les français sont-ils bons en langues? (I) is filmed in Nice and the interviewers approach a number of Niçois/es as well as tourists regarding their opinion on the French learning to speak a foreign language.
Opinions vary as to why the French in general do or do not like to learn/speak foreign languages. A generational difference seems to undergird the responses.

Watch this clip (6 min 29):

1. What reasons are given by those interviewed for the French accepting or being indifferent to speaking a foreign
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It’s important to learn the basics to develop studies of the different languages.

Sometimes learning a language can be very expensive even it’s only a few hours and sometimes we don’t open ourselves to other cultures. It’s difficult to learn French at an older age, also sometimes people get lazy and learning the accents can be very difficult leading them to shyness.

Learning a new language like French it’s a good idea since it’s also a strong and difficult language. Learning many languages give you a chance to have more opportunities when looking for a job. It’s important because of the tourism. Sometimes people don’t force themselves on learning the language, but instead we stay in our comfort zones.

One language should be spoken no matter where you’re from.

In previous generations learning another language didn’t had an importance, but now it’s necessary and important to communicate with others. Technology doesn’t help as well because you have to learn the basics on how to communicate with
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