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Abstract: As recognition grows that binge drinking on colleges nationwide is more prevalent than ever, school administrators and parents alike are seeking useful intervention to combat this issue. Studies have determined that “students’ use of alcohol is shaped, to some extent; by how much they think other students on campus drink” (Wechsler 2000:57). Most college students are in the particular age group that statistically has the highest rate of binge drinking. According to the American Journal of Public Health, this leads college students who decide to overindulge “extremely vulnerable to such health problems as: injuries from related car crashes; unplanned and unsafe sex; assault and aggressive behavior; alcohol dependence; and …show more content…
For the purpose of this thesis, I will look specifically at binge drinking rates among college students in Wisconsin and California. Having attended higher education in each state, I will try to gain a better understanding as to why there is a higher level of binge drinking among college students in Wisconsin than California. I will look at significant themes such as underage drinking, adult binge drinking, and certain alcohol-related policies in both states to show that there is a correlation between the aforementioned variables and college binge drinking.
Historical Background
Sociologists in Wisconsin have for years tried to determine why alcohol is so engrained in that state’s culture. Sociologists concede that “Climate, ethnicity, the historical significance of the brewing business, a relative lack of newcomers who would want to reform lenient laws, as well as the social nature of drinking in general are all possible explanations” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wasted in Wisconsin series 2008). Alcohol has become such a prevalent issue in Wisconsin that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin’s largest newspaper, has written a 72-part series on binge drinking in Wisconsin. The series, called Wasted in Wisconsin, details how drinking is so deeply rooted in Wisconsin’s

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